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Rolls Choice for Our Customers

service2Micron Machining Services Ltd. has more than 30 years experience in the
manufacture and refurbishment of all types of rolls and shafts and now, with the addition of Micron Grinding Services Ltd, we can offer the full service including grinding and polishing in house

We can manufacture complete to the customer’s individual requirements for Leveller Work rolls, Intermediate rolls (Scrolled or Plain), Back-up Rolls, Print rolls and all types of shafts. This can be achieved from detailed drawings and specifications or in some circumstances from sample or even parts of sample components.

We supply hardened rolls where both the grinding and the polishing is undertaken between centres. This gives far greater integrity and uniformity than other methods, particularly where a highly polished surface finish is required.

Typically for refurbished rolls, the process starts with a full inspection which includes surface finish and hardness, dimensional checks including concentricity and straightness and the submission of a detailed report. In conjunction with our recommendations and the customer requirements, we would proceed to refurbish either by polish only or for more accuracy grind or polish as necessary.

As you would expect Quality Control at all stages is a major priority with our registration to BS ISO 9000:2015. Whether new or refurbished, the components will be subject to visual examination between every process and also to final inspection. We can tailor a Quality Action plan to suit the individual needs of each contract. If required we can include material certification and traceability. We can provide a full final inspection report and separate reports can be provided on the depth of the case hardening and even unique identification of individual components as appropriate to the contract requirements.