Micron Machining Services Ltd

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Product Range

The company is capable of providing a diverse range of dedicated precision
engineering products to suit the requirements of it’s customers in a variety of industrial sectors.

Accordingly, rather than operating within a specific product range, the
Company focuses on providing the required product at top quality and at a
competitive price.



The company’s product can be categorised as follows:

Precision engineering principally for the process industries, steel production, Aerospace, M.O.D. related and leisure rides industries.

Micron Machining Services Ltd has a modern flexible machining facility with the ability to manufacture high integrity components from a wide range of materials to close tolerances and at the quality assured standards necessary for operating in the above industries. Many of the components operate in safety critical environments.

The Company has earned the essential quality assurance certifications and accreditations to operate in numerous markets. ‘Micron’ is able to satisfy it’s customer’s needs in a wide range of products and in an increasing variety of applications.